"I cannot imagine a greater privilege than the ability to serve my fellow citizens, by listening to what matters to them, translating their needs into cohesive policy proposals, and providing solutions that benefit us all, through the mechanism of a well-functioning state government. I dedicate myself to this pursuit, on behalf of my neighbors." Kalle Thompson

for NC House 100
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I am a pro-business candidate. I lived in California for six years, and during that time, I saw the cost that overly burdensome regulations had on my friends' businesses. North Carolina, by contrast, is now the leading state in the country in which to do business. This is due in large part to Republican policies of deregulation and lower taxes. When I am in Raleigh, I will support those policies so that businesses will continue to move to our state. This will bring new jobs into Charlotte, providing better lives for our families and better futures for our children. 



Our healthcare system is in desperate need of reform. The current governor’s proposal of expanding Medicaid to every citizen would simply raise our taxes to unsustainable levels to provide a blank check to an inefficient and corrupt system. Free market pressures will drive costs down and drive quality up. When you need work done on your car you can go to multiple mechanics, compare prices, and read reviews. Why shouldn’t you be able to do the same thing with your health care?


I will support all efforts to ensure that healthcare is efficient, transparent, affordable, and high-quality. I will support State Treasurer Folwell in his efforts to force pricing transparency on our state’s hospital system. I will support insurance deregulation. I will oppose any legislation that seeks to make any medical treatments or procedures mandatory. Ultimately we should be able to choose an insurance plan that suits our needs and budget, we should be able to choose our doctor, we should have the final decision over what treatments we or our children receive, and we should have access to all medical and financial information necessary to make the best choice for ourselves as healthcare consumers.


When it comes to education, I understand that our families need choice. We have to ensure that our public schools receive the funding that they need, but we must be mindful that those schools are not always the best option for every student. Parents should be able to choose the type of school that works best for their child. I support charter schools, specialized magnets, and private school vouchers because the quality of education that a child receives should not be dictated by their zip code.

Further, we must reevaluate whether the four-year college program is the right choice for everyone. Our booming economy has increased the demand for skilled tradespeople. We need to ensure that high school and college-age students have the opportunity to take applicable courses that will lead to high-paying blue collar jobs. I will support the educational agenda of Dan Forest which seeks to support greater community college and trade school enrollment.

The goal of education is to provide students with the opportunity to build successful futures for themselves. When in Raleigh I will actively work to ensure that North Carolina gets the best return on its educational investment.



Thousands of people are moving North Carolina (many of them to the Charlotte area) on a monthly basis. As our state and city population grows, crime increases. I will support increasing pay and benefits for law enforcement and I will support legislation that protects our communities.

I have told you what is important to me, but ultimately I am going to Raleigh to represent you. If you have any questions about my policy stances, or if there is an issue that is important to you, please contact me. I will get back to you as soon as I can.
About Kalle Thompson

Miles (10), Kalle, Josie (4), & Arieh "Ari" (7)

Kalle ("Kaylee") was born and raised in Charlotte in the Cotswold area, where she also currently lives. She attended CMS through the tenth grade, then completed school at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass. She graduated from Princeton University in 2003. She held a variety of jobs and moved to California in 2008, where she met and married her ex-husband, and gave birth to her sons, Miles and Arieh. The family moved to Charlotte in 2014, and she gave birth at home to her youngest child, Josephine, in 2016.

She currently operates a private childbirth education business, preparing couples for the process of natural birth, using The Bradley Method of Husband-Coached Childbirth. Her children attend Trinity Episcopal, Cotswold-Billingsville, & Trinity Presbyterian Weekday schools. She volunteers with the Cougar PTA, decorating for the Scholastic book fair. She also frequently volunteers for the GOP, working on campaigns since 2018, before deciding to run. She has been a member of Charlotte Yoga since 2006.

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