Statements of Purpose

I know residents in the district are impacted by felony conviction and by having those convictions on their record for the rest of their lives. People deserve a fresh start if they have demonstrated change.  Therefore, I strongly support the Second Chance Act. (Information here:  Great news: this bill passed the North Carolina House on June 10, 2020! It has now passed both the Senate and the House. 

I support the bipartisan SAVE Act. (SAVE stands for Safe, Accessible, Value-directed, and Excellent care.) I support the repeal of Certificate of Need (CON) law. CON needlessly increases the expense of medical care. Before we undertake any expansion of existing social programs, including Medicaid, let's look closely at costs. We need transparency in pricing, so I support the ongoing efforts of State Treasurer Dale Folwell as he strives to extract pricing information from hospitals. We can bring costs down, while still providing accessible care to many. Healthcare reform and affordability is an important undertaking. 

I am a firm supporter of the Second Amendment. As your Representative, I would never support any legislation that sought to infringe upon your right to bear arms in the state of North Carolina. A cautionary tale lies just to our north, where Virginia governor Ralph Northam is diligently working to strip citizens of their gun rights. We must never let that happen in NC. 

I stand for the life of the unborn child. We were all once unborn children, and our next generation deserves the same protection. Life begins at conception, just as life ends with our final breath. I am saddened every day that abortions happen in my district, since one of Charlotte's main abortion clinics is on Latrobe Drive, just behind the McDonald's off Wendover. Sadly, we have a long way to go in this fight, yet we must persevere, and I will do everything I can legislatively to lower the abortion rate and see the day when women no longer choose to end the lives of their own children. What kind of twisted logic convinced women that killing their own children was a form of empowerment? 

I want to improve maternity care for women across North Carolina, and work to eradicate racial disparities in maternity care. I support the legalization/licensure of certified midwives in this state, allowing midwives to openly serve women in their homes. I had two of my children at home, with the care of home birth midwives, and I know how valuable it is to be able to birth in your own home safely with a skilled care provider. I want to ensure more women have choices during their childbearing experience, with increased access to birth centers and home births. 

We must make sure we preserve school choice. My opponent sponsored legislation in 2019 which was "an act to repeal legislation permitting municipalities to operate charter schools." My opponent, who won unopposed in his first House race in 2016, would doom the children of the district to attending only their local schools if he got his way. It is my firm belief that the quality of your child's education, and the potential scope of their future, should not be limited by CMS's districting. School choice, including opportunity scholarships and charter schools, is incredibly important. 

In light of recent events, I want to reaffirm my support for our women and men in blue. It's already difficult to attract and retain good police officers, so to those who go out every day in uniform, through good times and bad, protecting our communities and answering those distress calls when we need you the most: I salute you, and thank you for your selfless service. I do not support any efforts to "defund" police forces across North Carolina. 

In summary: my front page gives you a limited picture of my biography. In truth, I have lived a very full, even colorful life, and had the tremendous good fortune to travel extensively, to study abroad four separate times in Spain and Russia, and even attend both credited and non-credit graduate programs in business, film, and textile arts, in addition to my undergraduate degree from Princeton, in Comparative Literature & Slavic Studies. I feel that one of my strengths is my ability to communicate, and so, I'm seeking your vote in order to become your Voice in Raleigh. I am always available to you: my private cellphone number is published across this site, and here again: 704-477-2891.  I invite you to follow me on Facebook, and LIKE and FOLLOW my campaign page, Kalle Thompson for NC House 100 I want to know how I can work on YOUR behalf to make life great in District 100. 

"The voters of District 100 deserve a Choice on November 3rd, and a Voice in the legislature in 2021." 

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